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    Removing fuel level sender

    Working on the 96 slt 780.

    Went through the service manual and I could very well be missing something here. Does the fuel tank need to be moved forward to get this out? If so is the tank bolted down to the hull? With the foam in there I can't get my head or hand down to feel.

    If it is bolted down, what size socket does it need?

    So far I have disconnected the fuel lines, unscrewed the screws for the sender and disconnected the fuel filler hose from the hull. Anything else I need to do to get this thing out so I can replace the float?

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    Not sure on the 780, but assuming it's the same as my SLTX and my other SL's, then yes, you will need to unbolt the tank and slide it forward.

    There are notches along the side of the tank that lead down to the bolts. You just need to stack extensions until you get the right length to get a socket down there. I believe the bolts are 11mm, but not 100% positive. Remove the 4 bolts and the tan should slide forward enough to get the pump out. Be careful. There are bronze grommets under the tank mounts that the bolts go through. They're very easy to pop out and loose in the hull. I started using silicone to glue them to the tank whenever I remove one now.

    This would be a good opportunity to completely remove the tank and give it a good cleaning if it's never been done.

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    I guess they expect someone to have a head the size of a cantelope to get in there and see what your doing huh? lol

    Amazing what info I can find if I do a search:

    Had my son help me with the front 2, will wait till it's cooler out to get the back 2. It's almost 100 today with the heat index.

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    Oh yeah...forgot the SLT's tank sits so far back. On the SL's you can get to all 4 through the front hatch.

    Wait until you have to put them back in...

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    I know the SL was very easy to do.

    Just wish it wasn't so bloody hot out.

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