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    problems with the 96 slx 780

    We were riding on the lake saturday and it just stopped.
    we towed it back to the launch and got it home .

    Took the plugs out and the center cylinder was not moving when I tryed to start it.

    What do I need to do now?
    Can this be saved ?

    I am possibly looking at getting some newer machines (different makes)Just tired of the polaris can't get parts mess.
    But don't know which is better kawi or seadoo.Any recommendations ?
    We have two small children 5 and 2 and are not really looking for superfast but would like to tube /ski behind the machine.


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    If your piston isn't moving, something broke or you had a seizure.

    I suggest you remove the water bar and that cyl head to have a closer look at what's really going on.

    Sure it can be saved, question is, will it be worth it???

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    thats what I was going to do this afternoon but the wife is wondering if we should even bother .what do you know about the other brands of ski's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skmpmm2002 View Post
    ...what do you know about the other brands of ski's?
    How much money would you be willing to spend on a newer PWC?

    Buying one PWC, or a pair?

    There are a LOT of choices out there. Budget will be a big part of the discussion.

    Fuel economy? Are you will to pay more for a model that burns less fuel?

    How much repair/maintenance work are you will to get into vs. paying more for a younger/running machine that needs less work?

    Even a ten year old PWC will need work to check it over thoroughly, repair and upgrade the things that normally degrade with time, and generally bring it up to par.

    The four stroke machines in general have good reliability, especially those made after the first few model years. Of course, those cost more in the used market.

    3 seat machines in general are more stable, and ride more smoothly, than 2 seat models.

    Newer PWC tend to be larger and heavier than the older models (pre-2000). That means they ride better, but are less 'fun' to throw around and play with.

    Yamaha PWC tend to have a bulletproof reputation, especially for the entry level models.

    Sea-Doo base models after 2005 also seem to have reasonable reliability.

    For fuel economy, cost, ease of maintenance and reliability, avoid the supercharged engines. The NA (naturally aspirated) engines tend to be the most reliable.

    All that said, each PWC model that makes it to your short list needs to be researched. Even within the reliable brands, certain models or years are known to have issues. Sometimes you just need to know what to look for and how to upgrade the machine to avoid the problem.

    In other cases, it is better to just avoid certain models or years.

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    my wife is looking into around a 2006 and newer year machines .
    I would like to stay under approx 5 grand for two decent kawasakis or yamahas.
    I have heard that seadoo was having issues staying out of the shops.
    But this was several years ago.
    Having these polaris machines was just a "trial " to see if we would ride and like to ride .We live in central fl and have lots of places to ride (FRESH AND SALT)and with the kids being young we are so far loving it in general.
    Just not sure if I want to take the time and money and rebuild this one .
    out of both of my machines I like the now broken one better more power but i don't know now .

    I'll have to take it apart and acess the damages.

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    just to give you an idea.. if you wanted to stay low on the buget and like polaris..

    i love my 3 seater the sltx.. runs all day long.. has plent of power and is still quite playful.. i have $1040 into it/ and put close to 25 hours on it so far.

    my opionion is the same on the seadoos.. at least the newer ones.. all 3 of my buddys seadoos where always in the shop.. the gsx never wanted to start. and had elctical issues.. and his two supercharged 3 seaters would eat superchargers.. i think he had 2 in one machine and 3 in the other... yes they where quick.. but they where not as fun as my old sl650 when he still had the seadoos

    he had sold the gsx and is selling the 4 techs.. i dont think he ever used them last summer they took out there old gpr and used that more

    just for an idea.

    but k447 is right every machine will have its issues, just depends on what you want to deal with.

    i would atleast pull the head and check out the ol polaris before junking it

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    The SLX 780 is a compact, fairly light weight machine.

    Some think the Fuji 780 was one of the better engine Polaris did;
    Fuji or Domestic whats best ?

    You do have lots of options
    You can replace the entire 780 motor for well under $1,000.

    You can repair/rebuild your 780 motor yourself.
    Cost and time required will depend on what's damaged, and the condition of the various components.

    If dealer support is important, then ask around to learn which local dealers are well regarded in terms of service and support. Don't focus too much on the brand when looking for a good dealer.

    Also look beyond the brand when looking for newer model used PWC. Every brand has some excellent models/years, and some others that are not well liked.

    There is no guarantee with even a four year young PWC that it will be problem free.

    Always set aside some funding for possible/unexpected problems, and plan to spend some of your time simply checking everything and becoming familiar with how it all is supposed to be on that model.

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