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    low end tuning help

    i just got tach and ive been working on tuning my gp1200r in.. when i idel around for 30sec or more then go to floor it, it fill loaded up and will clean out the more i stay in it. if i ride arund for a little while then slow to a stop and floor it again it takes off fine.. im going to turn them in 1/8 turn but i was just wondering if there was any way to tell if you go to lean

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    There is another variable that you are not considering that is effecting your tuning.

    As you are "idleing" about, the waterbox is filling with water. When you take off after a long idle, the first thing that has to happen is the exhaust gasses must first blow all of the water out of the water box. This creates a momentary hesitation in your hole shot. You do not have this problem after you decelerrate, then reaccelerrate quickly.... the water box does not have time to refill.

    Try working on a trailer. When at idle, watch where your RPM's settle... say 1500 rpm's. When you rev the engine then let it settle back, it should return fairly quickly to 1500. If it stays a little high, for instance 2000 rpm's, then after a minute or so goes to 1500, then it is a good chance that you are a tad rich. The give away is that when you cut the fuel back, then your rpms will go up.

    I know this goes without saying, but having your boat on a water hose will effect your rpms, so make sure it gets all the water it needs.

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