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    Thanks to everyone!

    First and foremost, I want to thank Jeremy (jpeconsult) for going out of his way to make sure we had a great time. He kept our gas tanks full all weekend and took us on a guided tour Thursday. He also introduced us to Summer and Ron (02gpR). They were with us all weekend and we plan on ridng with them next month and hopefuly later riding with the South Florida group.
    Speaking of guided tours, big thanks to Bill (83Gator) for the guided tour on Friday. It was a nice LONG ride that allowed us to put some faces to screen names. Sorry about RightOnTarget1's ski. I'm just glad it was only a charger.
    Also need to thank Gold06RXP for letting us borrow his truck. We were so grateful, I never once complained about the OSU stuff Give me a call if you have any more turbo questions. Who say's you can't have a recrational ski with a turbo?
    Lastly, thanks to GreenHulk for giving us a place to play. Hopefully next year I can meet up with Jerry.

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    Same here... I also want to thank Jeremy (Jpeconsult) for going above and beyond time and time again.

    Bill (83 Gator), one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Took the responsibility of guiding a huge group of ski's through some awesome scenery and great water.

    Ron and Summer (02gpR), unselfishly documented a major portion of our rides. Summer got some great shots from the back of Rons ski. She is completely at home on the back of a ski at 60+ while taking pics and vids....fearless.

    Gold06RXP and Company....these guys do not think twice to give you any help you might need. Their ski's ran awesome and were well prepared and maintained...just like their truck they loaned us.

    Cal (HighPsi) and his son (35cent)...for the accomodations of the R/V and the quick minor repairs on my tempermental conversion. Cal kept my ski romping all weekend. 35 cent cooked for us back at camp....I'm proud to be his Uncle...he rode like a true champ on his Honda Turbo all weekend.

    Dees...for showing us through the thin water, where only a Honda could go. And for all the loading, pulling that goes with 4 ski's on 1 trailor.

    Thanks to all involved...I had a great time.

    P.S. After watching HighPSI's turbo ski this weekend....My rude 2 charger will be available soon...going turbo !!!

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    No prob guys. Happy to help out!!!

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