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    97 1100 Carb Problems

    Posting this for a friend:

    "Playing on the lake today and the jet ski, a 1997 Yamaha 1100 Triple:
    1. will run at idol
    2. If gas is applied slowly will gradually take gas, take off like a champ, and then cut out, but still idol.
    3. After cutting out, if gas is applied immediately, it sounds like it's flooding out and won't go.
    4. After cutting out, if gas is NOT applied and it is allowed to idol, you can go back to #2, over and over.
    5. If you open full throttle after cutting out, it will sometimes die.

    Do the jets need cleaned or is it flooding at wide open?
    Help appreciated."

    Any suggestions?

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    I don't know as much as everyone and sure some one will chime in, but it's time for a rebuild on the carbs sounds like to me......

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    Carbs....sound like it's time...hopefully you've not hurt any cylinders.. I would do a compresion test....if all 115-120 then rebuild carbs and maybe replace the fuel pump that's attached to the #3 carb


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