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    951 carbed detonated, a few questions

    my buddy took my 98 gsxl and ended up blowing it up. the mag side cylinder went buh byes but a cute hole in the side of the piston. any way, the cyl walls are not to bad, gonna bring it to the shop and get it honed out, already found a piston kit jsut need to find out what the final size will be.

    my main question is the head, it has some light pitting in the surface. Is the head still usable or do i need to get a new one? If it is recommended to get a new one, what do you recommend for an after market one if at all with a slight over bore, and will i need to rejet my carbs after?

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    You do not have to re-jet for an overbore. Even SBT's +1mm will run with stock carbs/air box (for how long is another question but one that has nothing to do with the carbs).

    The head depends on just how much damage was done to it. I have run them with a few dings by just smoothing out any sharp edges (these could become hot spots that can cause deto) with some sandpaper and they ran just fine. Of course, the term "Few" is up to interpretation so I would need to see it to have any idea of the condition.

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