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    Sunday Spades On The Ski

    I have been wanting to get out for some Spades, so yesterday I did. I departed Rudee Inlet on my not yet rigged up, new to me, Yamaha SUV 1200 at around 1330 hrs. I went straight to the Chesapeake Light Tower, which is about 15 miiles offshore of Virginia Beach Va. Wind was SW at about 10 which made for a nice ride at 35-40 mph. There were only a couple of other boats there, a couple divers and a couple fishing. I pulled under the tower and tied off, then geared up and did a little free diving and spearing. The Spades were hanging at 20-25 feet down and were small / medium. I manged to get my four fish with no problem.
    I almost had a bad day cause after I got all loaded back up and ready to leave I noticed the ski was not sitting right. I pulledf off the seat and saw a lot of water in the engine compartment. I could not tell where it was coming from. A couple of boats gave me a cup and gallon jug ( thanks guys) and bailed I most of it out. I hauled butt back to the inlet and stopped once to make sure was not flooded out. After I pulled the ski at 1700hrs, I found the problem, the reverse cable packing nut had backed off and was leaking thru the fitting. The last picture is of it. Other than that it was a great afternoon. Here are some pictures I took.

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    That would have been more than a little scary!
    15 miles off shore and water in the hull

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    Your fishing stories are better than mine. Maybe its the pictures?

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    wow that would have sucked. Nice toy by the way

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