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    what my 250x just done question

    Yesterday while on the lake we had ridden for an hour or so and came back to the island we were using for anchor (use the screw in anchors so the ski is away from the bottom). The ski sat for about 2 hours and we decided to go for a ride and the wife was at the controls and the ski would not go when the throttle was pulled, the revs went up but it just would not go, made a realvibrating sound as well. She turned us around went back the few feet to the island and looked under the seat but did not see anything visual wrong, I took it out by myself and it did the same for a few seconds and then when I hit the throttle hard it just grabbed hold and ran normal? ran great the rest of the day? Was this cavatation or whatever I have read here or something going bad. I have 34 hours total. thanks for any help guys. Mike

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    sounds like something got sucked up the intake and you managed to get it out. I would take a look up the intake and see if there is anything still wrapped around the shaft. Hopefully there isn't any damage to anything.

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    Agreed, sounds like you sucked up a platic bag...
    I'd climb under there when it's back on the trailer and take a peek and see if anything still remains.

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    +1. Probably had some weeds sucked up in there

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    Thanks guys for the responses. I looked this morning with a really good falshlight and the impeller and shaft look perfect, not anything there nor and chips or anything on the blades. I think what may have occured is why we had it tied down fron and back some very large wake making boatrs had come thru and rocked the ski side to side pretty bad and maybe what happend is some air got into the inatke creating a pocket of air so water could not be pulled in? Just an idea but all looks good. I did some web searching and being a direct drive right off the motor for the impeller I guess nothing should slip and cavatation can be casued by what i described. thanks guys, Mike

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    Trapped air won't do it. How deep was the water it was tied up in? Something was in the intake/pump.


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    i was tied up in aprox waste deep water. the ski had tilted quite a bit on a couple of big waves and doing a goole search on cavatation I had seen a posting concerning air in that area and a guy had just rocked the ski sise to side and the issue went away, anyway just what i had read somewhere? Like I said the intake is clean as new and so is the impleer/prop or whatever its called on a jet propulsion unit. I was just curious if something else like a bearing or something was going bad and going to leave my ass stranded somewhere?


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    I have had that happen quiet often. the best way i have found is when it happens, shut it off and bounch up and down on the back. That usually will force it out, if it doesn't then load it on the trailer and inspect the intake area under the boat and see what it is. I usually keep what is called EMT scissors in the glove box just incase its weeds or whatever. Those scissors will cut thru most anything except metal.

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    Cavatation can be caused by a piece of wood (plastic, walnut shell, aluminum .....etc)and usually gets blown out sooner or later, also a way to get some things out of there is to run it up to @ half throttle the pull the lanyard off, try that a couple of times, if that doesnt work get it to a trailer or lift and have a look see.........

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