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    Removing Hydro turf re sealing and re using?

    Hi All,

    Today I realised why I've always had issues water getting in my hull... I've even backed the ass end ski into the water on the trailer and watched the rear compartment for water leaks with no luck.

    When my foot wells are full of water they are leaking through the holes from the rivets of the stock seadoo mats. When I put my turf on I put some fibre glass in the holes but clearly didnt do it properly.

    Do you think ill be able to peal off my turf re-seal the holes and then re use the turf? What should I use to seal up the holes? And what glue do you use for the mats? I used quick grip contact glue but I find im always re-gluing the edges...



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    I used contact cement for my hydro turf. Works great, remember dont put a lot or it will squeeze out the side and you will cement on your paint.

    DOnt worry i have been were you were, i thought the cement was going to fill the holes, i took the ski out and it started filling up with water, and i mean a lot of water.

    How i filled the holes i just used silicon, just buy one that you would used for your indoor shower, because it is not continuly submerged with water.

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    I have always used an epoxy for the rivet holes. The contact cement will NOT seal out the water that goes through the mats.

    As far as getting them off and back on, well, that will kind of depend on how well you stuck them to begin with. It may help to get them hot (hair dryer, perhaps).

    Just go slow and gentle.

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    every time i try to safe my mats in never works.

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