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    how can i get more speed?

    I'm just another guy, I needed a badass toy. I ended up buying a 2004 rxp, its got everything that was a must. I put the a new supercharger on it bc i bought it for next to nothing bc the guy didnt know what was wrong with it. With the new supercharger its only running low 70s. I wanted to know some great "bolt-on" stuff that would help out the proformance, with still having a relieable machine. any ideas?

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    what do you have done to the ski already?

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    st clair flats, mi
    Its completely stock, the more im reading into it the speedos are wrong but I geuss it would run high sixtys. I geuss im looking for some stuff that would to just throw on for the summer but in the winter Im going to pull it in the garage and really build it up. I dont want to much down time in the peak season

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    Like most engines, get more clean air in, get more exhaust gasses out. Go for Air intake kit and exhaust mod (which im trying to findout how)

    dont overlook a top loader intake grate! u need that as full as poss, its no good pushing air!

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