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    O-ring on thermostat

    I found out that the thermostat wos broken, so i fiksed it and i laid all the parts ( o-ring,bolts, ) in disel over the night :P the day after, the o-ring (on the thermostat) wos twise the size than normal :s where can i get a new, or can i use somthing else ?

    thanks for answer

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    oh oh

    O-ring kit at the auto parts store?

    High temperature silcone automotive sealeant?

    Make a gasket? Not necesarily it has to be an O-ring.

    Order a brand spankin new one too is an option..................

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    From your other posts, it looks like you have an MSX140. That o-ring is the same for all domestics from '96 to '04. (Actually, it looks like the Fujis use it too!)

    Part number is 5410860 and it's $4 at Parts Land.

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    Do you really need the thermostat gasket?

    I'm not talking the figure-8 shaped one that seals the t-stat housing to the water rail, but the t-stat gasket itself.

    If it's missing, it'll let a little water get by... but why would that matter? Many folks remove the thermostat all together... so a little water getting past won't hurt anything.

    Just wondering... my t-stat checked out fine in my pot-of-hot water on the stove test... so I think I'd like to keep it in my ski... our lake is chilly most of the season.

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