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    96 SL700 overheating

    Hello, been I big fan of Gh for a long time now

    anyway last year i bought two Polaris SL700 and a double trailer for 400. one is a 96 and one is a 97. With the help of the gh and randy at watcon
    I purchased two ingition upgrade kit and got both skis running great. Over the winter again with the help of GH I rebuilt the 96. Did all the proper breakin stuff and ski had been running great and I had about 25 hour on it since rebuild. Took it out this past sat for 5 hours and it ran great on Sunday let my 17 yo son and his friend take them out, He called me from out on the water wanting to know what the beeping sound was. I assumed it was the temp alarm going off, told him not to run it and we towed it in. Compression checks out ok so I don't think or at least hope he did not do any damaged to the motor. But I need to figure out why it overheated and not real sure where to start. I rebuilt the carbs and replaced all fuel line when I did the rebuild over the winter.

    I am now in the process of rebuilding the 97. Had a motor mount break on me last week so I figured if am going to take the motor out to replace them I might as well do a rebuild. We live on the Cheasapeake Bay and mostly ride in salt water. When taking the motor apart for rebuild I broke one of the ears on the head and the head cover were the oring goes by the spark plug is all corroded so I will nead one head and a head water jacket cover if any one has them for sale. Also the l-shaped bracket that mounts to the Muffler and the eginge mounting bolt snapped in half so I will need one of those also.

    Lastly the manual states for spark plug that the 96 use NGK bpr7es and the 97 NGK br8es. When I got the 96 home last night I noticed that I had Ngk br8es in it would that make that much difference ?

    Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated

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    I'm no expert and I'm sure they'll chime in but maybe they sucked something up. If you rode it for 5hrs and they had problems later that would be one thing to look into. Check all hoses in and out for obstructions. Also check that the thermostat is working properly, maybe the salt water can corrode it, I'm not sure. Do you regularly flush them after use?

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