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    On going problem

    I have a 1200 xlt 2002 with 100 hours on it. D plate and wave eater clips installed. It runs great but sometimes it runs hard to 50 and then slowly goes to 60. This is on the speedo. It's real weird. Sometimes it's fine then the next time it acts up again. Power valves look to be opening up all the way. Tested them out of water and the cycle all the way. Plugs all look good. Could it be a carb issue? Some one has had to have the same thing happen to them. Thanks guys.


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    100hrs? Have you ever pulled the powervalves to clean them? They may be gunked up? I think they should be cleaned every 40-50hrs.

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    Power Valves are clean. This thing is getting me frustrated. Thanks


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    when was the last time the carbs were rebuilt?

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