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Thread: Lower Outdrive

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    Lower Outdrive

    Found an old Shark Monte Carlo. Seller says lower outdrive is shot. Whats this usually cost to fix (ballpark)?

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    What does "shot" mean?

    I got all bearings and seals for around 150-160. If it ruined the shaft, then dunno what those cost. What else could be wrong?

    Does that model have the shorter shaft without the carrier bearing?

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    I've sent a message to the seller regarding the lower get a few more specifics. Once he gets back to me, I'll let you know and maybe grab those rings and bearings if they're needed..

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    Being the pessimest that I am, on the off chance that it will need a total rebuild of the lower drive, what would that cost as a ballpark figure?

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    Here's the reply.

    The aluminum bearing housing that supports the impellar shaft is worn out.

    Easy fix? Or is this a pretty expensive thing to replace? Cost of the machine is $800 OBO. Worth the time and effort? No trailer with the ski.

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    Too grey of an area. I can fix anything, but you never know.

    Have him drop the price some and find a prop housing somewhere someone is parting one out.

    How bad to you want it?

    How does he know, does he have it apart? What about pics if he does?
    Sorry for all the questions.

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    Going to cost you a couple hundred to rebuild the jet pump if everything goes well. You could also shop around on ebay or the fourms and find a whole used pump but then your taking a chance or those worn bearings. I would get it and rebuild the pump but like already said try to get the price down a few hundred to cover the parts of the pump.

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    I have brand new pumps depending on which machine it is 300-500 USD

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