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    pump shoe question

    my wear ring and impelor was a bit beat up on my xl1200 ltd so i replaced with new wear ring and houseing and a new impelor happy days!!!!
    well urmm not !!
    i looked up a lot of usefull info on here and decided to drop the pump shoe off ..well i have a few hours to kill why not ...
    that was 30 minutes ago
    i removed the intake grate (no sealant there)
    then i removed the 4 bolts for the pump and it droped off in my hand
    no sealant in there at all!!!!
    and the oem black foam gasket was half missing and in poor condision so i removed compleatly!

    right heres what im going to do

    1.fill all voids with filla foam
    2.replace gasket with lots of 5200 fastcure

    and most importantly heres what i want to know

    1.what can i use for the foam gasket?(or do i have to order oem part)? i fill the voids in the intake grate and seal that with 5200 also?

    many thanks in advance ski

    also this site rocks!!!
    pump seal instructions i have found
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