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    I thought I'd throw this in here since it's local. Anyone have a machine for sale for around $1000 incl. trailer?

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    Was able to up to $1500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scuba Steve View Post
    Was able to up to $1500.
    What were you hoping to get for $1500? I've seen some 2strokes that need some TLC in Ottawa Kijiji from time to time.

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    Actually found a machine finally. '96 Polaris SLX 780. Great shape mechanically, a little rough looking, but that can be fixed easy enough. Comes with a newer trailer, cover and 2 jackets. And in the range I wanted to spend. Looks like I'll be on the water by next weekend!

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    i have a buddy who has 2 of those...they jump wakes and really fly, they are very nimbel and turn tight.

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    eh steve glad you found one.... Happy riding.... Its Bass opener this coming weekend so the means way to many cops and fishermen will be out so make sure you have all you saftey gear in check...

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    Dockside. Thanks for the heads up on that. I still need to replace the battery and plugs (still winterized) and blow out all the antifreeze from last Fall. Since I pick it up tomorrow morning, I'll still need to get insurance put on it as well before any runs. Apparently my house insurance will cover it at home here, just need to get it here safe. She may be ready to roll for July 4th weekend though. *fingers crossed. Ok, who wants to look over it with me with a fine toothed comb? I'm still really green around the gills here. Anyone, anyone??

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