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    Yamaha SUV Leaning out

    Runs great yesterday... Turned ski off to hang out on in the middle of the bay, then decided to pull a skier. SUV was turning off with the load of the skier. Did this 3 times in a row then finally on the 4th try it pulled skier out of water without cutting off. I rebuilt carbs about 3 months ago OEM kits. Am i leaning out? if so how do i fix this?

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    Ski still doing the same thing. Any ideas what could be happening? Season is about to start and i'd like to solve this problem this year. Here's a little more of what's going sometimes.

    i've noticed that ski runs fine with a full tank but when i start to pull something maybe at less than 3/4 of a tank i begin to have the cutting out issues. once skier/person in tube is ready i have to very slowly, kind of ease into the throttle if not the ski turns off. If i hear that the engine is about to turn off i'll release the throttle and let it idle for a sec then repeat. After doing this for a few times and easing into the throttle i'm finally able to pull skier/person in a tube out of the water. New OEM kits last June.

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    I have a couple ideas:

    Because you don't notice any issues with a full tank, I would first suspect a fuel venting problem. In other words, air is not getting into the tank like it's supposed to as the fuel level drops, creating a vacuum. You should quickly be able to rule that out if you loosen the gas cap to let air in when you start having problems. Tighten the cap right away, of course, so that water doesn't get in. If venting is the issue, you should start running fine again until you burn some more gas.

    The next thing I'd look at is the needles and seats in the carbs. Did you replace them with original or after markets when you rebuilt the carbs? I had this problem with mine last season after buying an aftermarket set from a dealer who swore he never had problems with them. I could not get on plane without using the choke and as soon as I let up on the throttle and hit it again it would die. I was on vacation at the time and had the old parts with me "just in case", so I put the old needles/seats in and it worked fine. I don't know what the deal was with them because the pop-off pressure was perfect on all three carbs. All I know is that particular brand of aftermarkets didn't work in my ski. I'm using SBT needles/seats with no issues now.

    Hope this helps. I'm betting on your vent not working. Let us know what you find out.

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    Check Valve then?

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    just removed the check valve and it's not working properly. Going to order part today or tomorrow and i'll update if my problem is fixed. Thanks Jzellers

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    No problem... Keep us posted on the results!

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    New check valve is installed but haven’t had a chance to take it out to the island yet but here are a few things that i have noticed since though. 1. Now pressure seems to be holding in the fuel tank as i can hear air/fumes escape when i open the gas cap, also heard the same thing when disconnected the fuel line that went to the filter when I replaced the fuel filter. 2. I started ski in my garage for about 5 seconds yesterday in my garage without water hose and today (15 hours later) it fired right up with one touch of the start button. (Full Choke and as soon as it started i slowly turned choke off). Before i could run ski for about an hour rest for 20 min and have problems starting. If it sat all night then it would act as though it had not started in 6 months. I think I’m on the right track hopefully my problems are solved. I'll keep everyone posted.

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    That's good news... I was going to mention that the vent check valve seems to work a little differently than you'd expect. It doesn't really vent but it lets air in. If you didn't have the pressure release when loosening the gas cap before then you probably solved it.

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    Ok maybe not the check valve. Engine is still cutting out. I have starting fishing off of it now so i'll ride out to a fishing spot then it will sit for at least an hour at times or longer. When I go to turn it on i have to press the start button for about 3 seconds before it will turn on, then i have to baby the throttle so it doesn't stall when I’m taking off. I have noticed that if i pull the choke out 1/4 of an inch i'm able to give it more throtle and have power to get on top of the water at that point i can push the choke back in and ride off. One time on my last trip i almost couldn't get it started back up. To get it started i full choked until it started. Seems like it's not getting gas at first? Still not sure what to do. Carb rebuild was done at the beginning of last year's season using OEM kits... I didn't replace the needles or the seats... could that be the problem?

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    when did you last replace fuel filter? sounds like trash in low circuit. pull carbs and shoot carb cleaner through highs and lows and also clean out filter bucket in carb body they get clogged with little wispys

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