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    C1 Charger Wheel to Suit Yamaha Sho/FZ And R&D Air Intake

    Due to Non Paying Customer

    C1 Charger Wheel to suit SHO/FZR, 5 hours use, As New - $400

    R&D Air Intake to Suit FZR, As New - $150ono

    All prices quoted are USD and if outside of Australia, Shipping costs to be additional.

    PM Me.

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    r&d air intake

    pm sent

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    replied. Cheers Brian.

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    R&D Air

    hey sandman have you sold the air intake yet? if not what condition is it in ?

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    No I havent sold it yet. Would pref like to sell both the wheel and air cleaner together if you want them both for $500US + postage.

    It is the full replacement cold air intake setup.

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