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    1997 monte carlo jet pump removal

    Well the jet ski had been running great but something in the jet pump went kablooie. I am thinking a bearing or something. I am trying to jet the jet pump off using the manual I have but it is not going so well. I got everything unhooked and per the directions it says slide drive shaft out the rear of the hull. Well so far that is a no go and I pulled as hard as I could on the thing. Any ideas?

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    I thought maybe I should try to clarify a little. It is not the wear ring . The impeller and stator(is that what its called)are what I am trying to remove from the hull. It got dark and I was afraid to whack it with the hammer but that may be next

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    you'll need some leverage

    a motorcyle tire iron was my favorite shark pump removal both sides of the pump evenly. Spray the seams down with wd40 first..that thing has been together a long's going to be difficult to seperate the halfs.

    U could whack a bit of 2x4..but no direct hammer blows on the pump housing

    more then likely the ball bearing in the pump prepared for more wackage once you get it apart. If you don't have a bench vise..get one.

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    If my floating bearing seized and I have the pump out and it turns fine should I rebuild it before it grenades or just wait for failure? My Shark is a 97 daytona 770 but the parts guy said the # for the bearing I gave him is for a montego. Sorry to threadjack but the forum won't let me post a thread yet I guess.

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    Yea talking the pumps off these skis that are a few years old can be a pain. They take quite a bit of pressure to get off.

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