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    Exclamation Leaking rear hatches on GTX

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum and about to buy a 2010 GTX155.
    I took it for a test run in light chop and tested the reverse and break function extensively. A fair bit of water flows over the rear deck during this.
    Back on land we opened the ski and there was about 1-2" of salt water in the hull. Is that normal? (I think not!!! considering the test was only about 15-20 mins)

    I'm sure most of the water entered through the rear deck hatches that don't seem to seat properly onto the deck recess. Has anyone experienced this?

    My questions are these -

    1. Should I have the bilge pump option fitted? (I am adverse to having a hole cut in my new hull)

    2. The ski claims to be fitted with "Dual automatic vacuum siphon pumps".
    Should these not clear water from inside the ski?

    3. Would anyone else buy a new bloody ski that leaks?????????????

    Cheers in advance for your advise....

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    I'm sure most of the water entered through the rear deck hatches that don't seem to seat properly onto the deck recess. Has anyone experienced this?

    Yes it most likely did because I bought a new 2010 GTX155 early 2011 and the rear hatches distorted and leaked after 1st service(25hr service to go next week). Replaced by new ones under warranty but I anticipate warping and leaking again after another OZ summer coming up. Silly idea recessing the hatches into the deck with no drainage of the moat around them. Seadoo chose form over function and have likely produced a latent design fault when you compare the common method of a raised lip and cap approach to boat hatches generally.

    The other problem just occurred is a broken plastic yoke that connects the underseat gas strut to the underside of the seat and other owners have had same. Obviously not up to the task. Good cruiser otherwise but Seadoo need to sort out these 2 details at least.

    As far as the bilge pumping goes a certain amount of water stays in the bilge and needs sponging out with each use. The rear drain plugs don't seem to clear it all either which means levelling the craft and sponging out midships. You'd think bungs could be set low enough to drain the hull to the rear completely. Again attention to detail required.

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