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    Top 10 Lessons Learned At My First Mudbug

    I've been thinking about this list since leaving Morgan City yesterday. I had to leave some things out because there are only 10 allowed.

    10. This is the MOST FUN I ever had on a ski. My lake seems really small after riding all the miles we rode.

    9. There is nothing like watching a sunset while riding with other ski's.

    8. The bayou water will change any swim suit that has white to another (unknown) color.

    7. The Swamp King IS actually as crazy as he seems. Craigo is almost as crazy as The Swamp King (and he doesn't look anything like me).

    6. The organized rides that 83Gator put on were excellent and perfect for this first timer--but there were repeaters on them as well. Bill is a great guy and I enjoyed the time I spent with him.

    5. My ski is not nearly as fast as I want it to be.

    4. The water is effing 100° F and a stock IC/C3 wheel is not the correct combination.

    3. The club at the MCHI gets CRAZY at about 2 AM.

    2. Jerry has got to be the nicest guy I've ever met.

    1. Duke is my hero for several reasons but I just want to publicly say thanks.

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    Craig, it was great meeting you and Shawn (aka MR CLEAN!)...I WANT YOUR TRUCK!!!

    Plan to see the Chicago crew this summer, we got some rides planned...

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    You definitely need more reasons. Had a blast riding with you.

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    So glad you made it Craig and it was very cool meeting you and your brother Craigo!!!

    SpacePort Yami is going to give me a FZR to work on our little project next week and cant wait to help ya out with it.

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    In no particular order:

    1) If you stop sweating while you're at Mudbug, you are close to death. Stop drinking alcohol (not an option), or start drinking a lot of gatorade.

    2) Canadians are capable of running off a pair of hot blonde twins in a matter of seconds just by talking.

    3) Morgan City is overrun with evil black locusts with red eyes that are capable of shooting poison out of their butts that can paralyze you for at least twenty minutes.

    4) It can actually be hotter in the water than out of the water, even when the outside temperature is close to that of the core of the sun.

    5) The buffet at the Holiday Inn is always out of bacon and biscuits, dammit!

    6) Canadians are capable of getting everyone kicked out of the pool area in a matter of seconds just by talking.

    7) The Loch Ness Monster lives in the swamps of Morgan City and will brush by your leg if you get in the water.

    8 )Yelling "Gator!!!!" when everyone is in the water will get exactly the reaction you want.

    9) The mosquitoes in LA are not only unfazed by Deep Woods Off, it makes them mad and even more insane for human blood.

    10) I will be back for the 7th time next year.

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    Notice how after a MB everyone that attended starts saying ya'll no matter where they are from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCHeel View Post
    Notice how after a MB everyone that attended starts saying ya'll no matter where they are from?
    Its part of the dictionary here in the south

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5001craig View Post
    5. My ski is not nearly as fast as I want it to be.
    Agree on all points but I take credit for this one Craig. You better get it together! I know there is more in that tharr ski! I had a blast riding and partyin with you!

    And yes, Jerry is the shit. Actually the whole Bayou area is. The people are extremely friendly it almost made me sad on my drive back. I stopped in Jackson, MS at Wendy's and the people were rude and extremely unfriendly. Back to reality I guess. Nothing like the hospitality at Gros Marina. That place is soooo freakin awesome.

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    Enjoyed riding with you and Shawn and hanging out with you guys. Craigo is crazy but still a great person that loves to spray people. See you guys soon .

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    Its was a blast hanging with you bro. I'm so glad that Duke and jerry were able to hook you up.

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