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    06 rxp

    just bought it on sunday and wow. This machine is amazing!!!!I am buying a riva intake grate. What will i notice that is different with this add on?

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    Where do you ride? Water condition? Chop or smooth water?

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    i do most of my riding on lake ontario. it can be smooth but it can also get choppy sometimes. its almost 50/50

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    Guess I'll say it first, buy some washers from Jerry and have him rebuild your supercharger. Best money you will every spend

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    i already did that

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    Oh, and an RXP, too. Ballin Ultras's Avatar
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    I have an '06 RXP so I can appreciate the passion. Do a Rude charger, 50lb injectors, Riva ECU, valvetrain kit, and intercooler, then do some research for good plastic surgeons in your area because you'll need one to remove the permanent grin from your grill after a few 75-80mph pulls. I'd rather ride my RXP than have sex with my girlfriend. If it weren't for finding this site a few years ago (and with Water4fire's help), I wouldn't have the problems I do with my relationships with women.

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