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Thread: Seadoo HX trim

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    Seadoo HX trim

    I just picked up a 96 HX. I have had it out only once. I was wondering on what I can do to keep the bow down. I am 250 pounds ( i know Im to big for the ski) but I got a great deal on it. either way it seems that with my weight the nose wants to come right out of the water. How should I adjust the manual trim, and is there any other things I can add or modify?

    Also with my size would this have a effect on the balance of the ski? its very rocky left to right , both times out its been a bit choppy. Any help would be great

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    It is an HX. It is like 2 feet wide and 9 feet long (guesses, but I bet I am close) and what hull it has is sharply V-ed where it is not shallow.

    That pretty much covers it. The boat was designed to corner and it does like no other. The problem is that agility and stability are mutually exclusive terms. By contrast a GTX which is as stable as it gets (I can stand with both feet in one footwell with my 215lbs and it will not roll) is 4 feet wide with a deeper hull profile.

    Your size does not help but if you are able to get on it and stay on it you are doing pretty good already. You just have to work at it while you are on almost like riding a bike.

    As a general rule you will probably do best by keeping the trim around neutral or a bit down (how much? well, you will need to mess with it some to find where it rides the best for you and in what conditions). You can also affect the hull's pitch by where you sit on it to some extent. It may help on take off to lean up over the bars (I do this when trying to get the best hole shot on my XPL).

    The reason the HX has a manual trim system is that is was designed to be run on a bouy course. They meant for you to set it up in practice, race, and then make adjustments between events. It was never intended to be a Rec boat.

    They are loads of fun to tool around on and such but it is not a boat you want to try to cruise any real distance on (not to mention the teacup size fuel tank).

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    Set the trim to -2 and try that. I never had to go much further down then that.

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