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    2005 Kawasaki SX-R 800 and 2009 Kawasaki SX-R 800

    hey all new to the kawi section , i am looking at getting in to freestyle ridin and my question is whats the diffrence between the 05 and the 09 models

    and i have chance to either get hydrospace s4 07 or kawi 05 , i know the kawi is great on the surf but anyone know how the hydro is

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    Hey Josh,
    You'll probably get more answers to stand up questions on the X than around here.
    IIRC the 04'-09' sxr's are the same minus graphics and some extra padding.....I think the only bastard year was 03'??? (might have been 04'). Anyway, whichever the first year was for the SXR had an ignition system like the previous years 750's.
    But take this info for what it's worth cause I've been out of the standup scene for a few years since my kid got rid of his superjet.
    Good Luck

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