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    Exclamation Best Ratio for '94 waveraider

    I have 1994 yamaha waveraider with heads, exhaust, carbs, air filters. The owner before me said he ran 50:1 oil to gas ratio but I was told my someone to run 32:1. I am not sure what is best for me, I read for a modded ski a ratio around 32:1 is better and for a stock ski 50:1 is better. Please let me know what ratio you think I should use. Thanks, John

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    mine is stock 96 760 I run it at 50:1 with no problems. Keep in mind running a quality oil vs a cheap oil is also a factor along with octane rating.

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    32:1 for fully modded ski

    40:1 for a semi stock or stock for best piston life

    50:1 is stock for all NON-PV engines

    32:1 is for all PV 800, 1200's

    Stock run 40:1 IMO.....get longer piston life out of the exhaust side skirt


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