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    hard jet stock pipe and water box or do ecwi or msd 3 stage water injection 96xp??

    Dont feel like dumping 400 or so for factory spec 2 on my rec ski 96xp.

    What are the pros and cons on my stock pipe?

    96 xp
    msd limited settings on enhancer
    bored 1.25mm over pro x
    milled head ppg 93 octane maybe 160 to 170 psi
    solas xo or x1 prop
    stock carbs rejetted
    no oil injection
    lightweight front and rear flywheels

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    Man you got it almost there! The Rossier pipe is decent and can be found a lot cheaper than a spec 2. Its true that it isnt as good, but you can find them a lot cheaper and will wake up the motor...esp if you add ECWI.

    Having group-K bore the stock carbs for $200 is an awesome hop up too.

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    they said boring is 195.00 how far should i go just 40mm or higher?

    group k said dont waste money on water injection with a stock pipe.

    what about the jetworks flow control valve any luck with that?

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    Group K only bores out the carbs to a tru 40mm, You can put in a smaller mikuni jet in the spray bar on the stock pipe.

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    what size jet in the mid pipe?

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