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    RXT-IS... is it OK to run the motor out of the water?

    With this new "closed loop cooling" system, is it OK to run the motor out of the water without it overheating? This ski uses coolant right?

    Just thinking about warming them up before launching them.

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    No it is not ok you can use it only for few minutes because the coolant cooling with the sea or lake water the jet doesn't had fun.The exhaust is not cooling because it take water from the pump and if is not on the water no water on the pump and if you use for a lot of time the carbon ring on the drive shaft will overheat

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    I don't think it'd be wise to do that. Given, they ARE closed-loop cooling systems, but the heat in the system has to go somewhere, and that 'somewhere' is the water when it's running. Similar to a car's cooling system, but not similar at the same time, as cars have fans to help move the air when the car isn't going fast enough.

    It should be enough to just put them in the water and putt around at a low RPM for a few minutes before you start riding WOT.

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    The ski uses the ride plate as a radiator. However, since water soaks away the heat better than air, the system will not operate properly out of the water, and temps will run hotter than normal. Brief runnings, for the purpose of changing oil and other maintenance are acceptable, provided however that you hook up a garden hose to the boat to cool the exhaust (which is still an open loop system.)

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    OK for 30 seconds.
    The exhaust still uses lake water to cool it
    And lake water cools the driveshaft seal as well.

    If you want to fire it up on trialer, that's fine but
    don't go over 30 seconds or rev it very much at all

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    Thanks everyone!

    I just like to start them and make sure their ready to turn over before I'm in the water at the launch.

    Sounds like <30 seconds on the trailer is OK and all I will need to make sure they will start in the water.

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    Just give them a "burp". That's what some of us do. Turn her over and when it fires, pull the DESS immediately.

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    Without the water hose attached, you can fire up the ski and let it idle for 10 seconds no problem. With water running, you can run them 'on the hose' longer of course, but the ride plate quickly gets hot, as does the carbon ring ... even 'on the hose' try to never run the ski much more than a minute ... things get hot quick. If you ever run the ski on the hose for five minutes you will see smoke coming off your carbon ring among other things ...

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