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Thread: Warm up time?

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    Warm up time?

    Hey folks,

    Been loving my 1995 ZXI900, no known issues thus far..THUS FAR.
    I notice when i go to the cottage, i pull the choke, she starts up and i let it putt around for 5-6minutes then put the chole back in, as i start to open the throttle, i find it hesitates then gets out of the i not letting it warm up long enough? Dont get em wrong, this thing hauls pretty good and is in prestine condition, it is also my first PWC. Should the carbs be serviced when it does this?

    When it does do the hesitating when i hammer the throttle, i let it warm up some more, and increase the idle/speed as it warms up.

    suggestions? have i confused anyone?

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    kawi are cold natured skis,will it do that after you run it a bit an stop,then start again?

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    yes it will do it again if it sits for like an our plus.

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    I seem to hear a lot about the 900 motors being cold blooded. However, I think your leaving the choke on for to long too. I don't think you need 5-6 min of full choke. Remember, full choke is just to help get it started. All the choke does is block the air intake to create more suction through the fuel system/carbs. Probably don't need that much fuel.

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    i worded that incorrectly, i use the choke to get it started, the 1/4 choke then no choke -- let it run then start going -- dont get me wrong, this thing pulls amazing once warmed up, just wasnt sure if it was carb/float/filter related

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    yea just let it warm up before full throttle,my ultra is the same.

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    Thanks alot guys for your words/tips etc.

    I was out on her last night, I found that my RPM tach doesnt go from 7000-8000RPM anymore (I know WOT isnt the best, but needs to be done time to time).

    As per the shuddering....i noticed this yesterday...I started the PWC, just lt it idle for like 4- minutes (idles at 1200'ish RPM)...i give it 1/4 throttle, she goes then i hammer it and it goes with hesitation then all of a sudden picks right up and out.....thoughts?

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    engine should be warm in the time it takes to get to the no wake buoy. If you need the extra, you need to clean the fuel system

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    Is there a recommendation for cleaning the fuel system?
    by recommendation, i mean a safe, non-engine harful way.

    i run just regular 87octane in it as the gas station at my cottage has only 1 pump and its 87octane (and also .40cents more).

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    Sounds like the carbs ether need to be cleaned and rebuilt or you could possibly have bad plugs. When was the last time you changed the plugs?

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