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    Beeps on my 2004 4tec n.a. 155hp

    Hi, I have a 2004 4tec n.a. 155hp seadoo and it started beeping with the key off, it would beep continously like if the key was on and even beep twice like when you first put on the key but but i would try to start it without the key and it wouldn't start then i would put the key in and it would beep twice like normal and it would start. I disconnected the battery for a while and it went away but the next day the same thing happened sometimes i would also hear some rattling and a knocking noise, appreciate any help with this. Thanks.

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    Check youe dess post, thats most likely the culprit.

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    Beep on 2004 4tec 2004 155hp

    Could anyone tell what is the culprit on the dess post and is the dess post also what is known as the safety switch where you put the key in. Thank you.

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    dess post

    The dess post is where you put the safety lanard (the key) to start the ski, check and see if it is loose or is so how shorting.

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