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Thread: PTO problem

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    PTO problem

    just put this engine in my 98 xl1200. rode for about 12 miles today and while i was in a turn it just started going straight. thought maybe it was an issue with the steering cable i just put in. went back to the dock and it appeared it was ok. went back out and it did the same thing. started coming back in and it sounded like a metal bucket full of rocks. got home checked the intake and didnt see anything. unbolted the cover for the PTO and felt around and it feels like the rubber peice flew all to hell and the PTO is not lining up. any ideas?

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    The engine could be miss aligned from when you put it back in. Check the mounts as well to make sure they arent loose causing it to shake alot

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    mounts are not loose. any idea what it will cost to fix this? Im about fed up with this thing.

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    1. Intermediate shaft bolts came loose.
    2. Engine not aligned properly "check with a straight edge all the way around"
    3. Coupler grommet just worn out.
    4. Pump bearings died ...does the pump still spin free ?
    5. Intermediate shaft bearings died?
    6. Delamination of the intermediate shaft

    Check those

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    im guessing #2. where can you buy these parts at a decent price? the bushing is almost $50 from the dealer

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    Boats dot the cheapest....I was lucky and Adam had an extra...thansk again ADAM!!


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