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Thread: X charger

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    X charger

    If running the x charger should i be using a racing ecu and what is the best set up for this, like injectors, prop, intake.

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    If your using the stock intercooler then you can run the X charger with just 42 lb injectors.

    If you have an after market intercooler then you will need 42 lb injectors and a rising rate fuel pressure regulator.

    you can do all this with the stock ECU.

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    X charger

    Thanks also should anything else be done as a precautionary

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    I dont think so, just make sure the motor is getting enough fuel. 42's are good just what jerry said and if you run an external IC you have to have a rrfpr.

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    X charger

    Not yet at least just running stock inter cooler

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    still need 42lb injectors and thats about it.

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