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    Changing 2000 GTX Oil Filter

    The oil tank on my 2000 GTX had a leak so I replaced it. At the time I did not have an oil filter so I could not replace it but have since got one and started looking at how to replace it. It appears very difficult to replace it without removing the pipe and/or oil tank. I was wondering if anyone has replaced it without removing those items and can pass along any suggestions on how to go about it. Thanks in advance.


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    Take the lid off the glove box. Take the four plastic screws out that hold the glove box in place. This should give you access to the filter.

    I also take the last tank strap loose to allow for a little slack in the line. First thing to do is reach in with the clippers and snip every zip tie holding the oil line and the filter in place (including the ones on the line).

    I have a couple of hose blockers and I put one on either side of the filter (be careful not to crush the spring if it has one in the line).

    Going in through the glove box hole works for me, but then I am tall and have long arms. If not, you may have to address the issue another way. IMO, on a GTX I would pull the steering before I pulled the pipe.

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