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    MSX 150 for Parts or Repair

    I don't trust my MSX 150 anymore, buying a Waverunner, want to sell the MSX 150 for parts. What can I expect to get for it? It still runs and when it is running it is hauling, but it has this nagging problem of dropping to 3400 rpm which last for a minute or a few seconds or till you get it back to the dock. Last ride it was running great for about 45 minutes and then started the bog thing for a few seconds and then would run great for 10 minutes. We rode it for a while and then it bogged and never got going again. When I got to the boat house I could not shut it off. I pulled the lanyard and it just kept running. I sat there in neutral wondering how I was going to shut if off, open the seat, pull the cables of the injectors? That is what I decided to do, but when I the blipped the throttle to pull it up on the floating dock it shut off. I restarted it and turned if off a few times and it worked, but I have had it with this thing. I am too old for this. Any idea what it is worth (has a trailer too)? Anyone interested?



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    I may be interested. What are you asking for it? Trade? Where are you located?

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    I sent you a message.


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    Where located? it may help the sale.

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    I am located in Tuscaloosa Alabama, which is 50 miles south west of Birmingham Alabama.


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    are you willing to part out? im ineed of ppu asm. hope we can help each other. thanks dennis.

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