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    JAC 2010 Honda f15x

    A honda f15x ridden by a racer from guadeloupe won the annual Jet around cayman offshore race, takes about 1 hr and 15 mins to go around the island, he competed against, ultras, ultras built by skip holmes, yamaha sho's n fzr's also sea-doos, when i get more info will let you guys know more.

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    That is great, the Honda package has its potential but the valve train is the limiting factor.

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    Honda should fix this problem and be more competitive!

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    Unbreakable stock. After that if it lasts that's nice for you. How is that hondas problem?. I have heard of 100 hours on a stock f-15x with a macboost 74mph kit. Anyone broken a f-15x? Bob

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    Racing f-15x

    After riding my new to me f-15x at lake powell in rough water conditions over the fourth of July I can understand how a younger strong rider could win a race on a stock ski. I finally got into a attack position with my butt on the hump in the back of the seat and rolled my shoulders forward like riding my ktm dirt bike and moving my weight back under power in straight lines and sliding forward with the throttle chopped and turning the ski is a race quality scapel. Perfectly balanced, turns with the throttle like a dirt bike and at 64 mph is fast enough to scare me in tight canyons at the speed between the time to turn forth next corner. The f-12x turns with the throttle off not the bigger f-15x. It goes in a straight line. A little throttle and turning the bars at high speed makes you think the ski is on rails. If you can hold on you can banzai the ski through the worst chop and waves. Amazing. Three or four legs in the tight choppy water canyons on lake power with the throttle on hard made me breathe hard from adrenaline and exercise and marvel at the perfect setup. Typical Honda product. Runs just like a crf450x fourstroke dirt bike. Perfect ergo's, quiet, 6.5 mpg, instant no lag throttle response, big storage, taller seat for longer legs, afraid to touch it. Getting a second one for my wife as she feels the same after riding this on. Miss the f-12x but not after riding the f-15x. Much better toy. Fantastic racer ridden aggressively. Bob
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    nice write up bob. I agree with JR but it's not just hondas. Any ski with sig increase in boost should get nitro vavle springs imo.

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    If I don't touch it I bet that it will literally run forever. One will have a macboost and the other be stock. Will see what happens. Finally found my perfect watercraft. Bob

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    the guys from guadolope were at h20xtreme this weekend in miami they dropped of 3 f15x to do there stage 3 kits those f15x are gorgouse and should run really good with there kits
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    If I don't touch it I bet that it will literally run forever. One will have a macboost and the other be stock. Will see what happens. Finally found my perfect watercraft. Bob

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