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    Arrow RIVA Stage III Question

    If I install everything else on the RIVA Stage III KIT besides the ECU and pressure regulator what kind of speeds should I expect??? and also would it make a difference between the E1 and B1 impellers since im not using the ECU.

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    You would be limited by the rev limiter and you wouldn't be able to get much higher than stock with boost. To unlock these engines you have to get either an ecu or reflash. It would be by far the best investment.

    To put things into perspective, I went with the motec out of the gate before I did the supercharger wheel. It removes the rev and boost limiter and I gained 500 rpms I believe just from that. If you plan on doing it in the future you would be better served to skip the supercharger wheel for now and go with the ecu or reflash.

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    just depends on how fast you want to go

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