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    2007 Honda F12x (turbo) - what makes it faster ?

    I am fairly new to modifying watercraft, and bought a new 2007 Honda Turbo waverunner. It runs about 63 to 64 and want to go faster, and I am looking at a Stage 2 MACBOOST Intercooler kit. Anybody have some recommendations on if good or what's better - this MACBOOST STAGE 2 is supposed to add 40 to 50 horsepower for about $1500 plus install.

    Thoughts & Ideas welcomed !!!



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    You will get more HP, turn a few hundred more rpms and gain a few mph in speed. I have the stage 2 with the pomp wedge on mine. The other thing with Macs is it works with your stock ecm and all your factory sensors still work. MPH = $$$

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    We also have many upgrades for your ski, below is a link to one of our customer's ski that we just finished. We carry intercoolers, ride plates, plenums, air filters, boost controllers, guages, etc. You can email me at [email protected] and I can work up a package for you, then also down the road you ca still upgrade and go even faster.

    H20 Xtreme Inc
    [email protected]

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