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    p0353 Ignition Coil Code

    I have a 06 RXT and was out riding today. All was well until i was went to hit the throttle and all of a sudden the dreaded beep and power was gone. Flashing check engine light and code P0353. I ended up riding about a mile back to the launch. I when i got home, i started the ski and all was well. If i physically unplugged the connector to the coil i got the code back. I just checked the coils, resistance and all the coils were about the same. None of the wiring seems melted or messed up. What would cause to happen? Intermittent problems suck!

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    I just had the same problem, but got it taken care of... as it turns out, one of the seals (rubber gasket thingy) was bad in the wiring harness going to the MPEM. This caused the harness to slightly back out, ie - it backed out enough that the pins that control my #3 cylinder had no ground. Be sure to check your fuses and that all connections on your MPEM are snug.

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    Yup P0353
    Ignition coil #3 open circuit or shorted to ground or to 12V

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    I have the same code on my 03 seadoo gtx 4-tec, supposedly the seadoo shop say's that the MPEN and ECU are good so I have changed both engine harness the fuel pump all three ignition coils, the spark plug seals and still have the P-0353 code do know of anything else i am missing ?

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