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Thread: Bad plugs??

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    Bad plugs??

    Ive got 2005 rxt that has been down for about a year getting repaired from the broken flywheel mod. Took it out last weekend at the last minute and forgot to change the plugs and drain the little bit of gas left in it. It had a miss but eventually cleared up allthough I was only seeing about 6800rpm. Took it home and pulled of the s/c and the washers were still there and s/c slip checked at 71 inch lbs. So Im wondering if old plugs/ gas could cause the ski to not rev out but still run smooth with no misses at wot? It still had a miss at idle and 1/4 throttle. Oh and ive already ordered the metal washers from Jerry.

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    yes, plugs will do that. I had a bad one and would only go up to 6000rpm. Thought for sure the clutch went. After checking the clutch, swaped plugs and ran perfect.

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    usually wont run smooth if a plug is bad but throw some new plugs and gas in there and check the stick coils for signs of arcing. did it feel like it had boost? there may be a boost leak somewhere (split manifold seam) etc.

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    The plugs do strange things I work drag boat races and iI go through 1to 2 sets of plugs a race weekend. My rxp and rxt do the same when it is time to change.

    good luck

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