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    Can on 06-07 RXP 155 be converted to S/C easily?

    Ok well my cousin has a 2008 rxp-x. He also owns a 39' Outtalimits that runs over a 100mph. So he doesnt reall ever use his ski. He wants to take the S/C off the RXP-X and put a turbo on it and was wondering if all the original stuff from it can go on his gf's 06-07 RXP 155? Is the compression higher in the 155 models? Has anyone done this yet? Is it even worth it? Thanks in advance.

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    More work than its worth. Do a quick seach its been covered before. Main stuff would be sc, ecu, pto, flywheel, map sensor, injectors, intercooler, forged pistons, (155 skis are cast and high comp.) 155 runs a small diameter driveshaft= limited on props. No trim on na rxp....bla bla bla.. would be neat to do just not worth the money or time.

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    +1 Yea lets not beat this dead horse again

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