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    04 ULTRA 150 Battery Issues

    Hi Guys,

    This is the second KAWA I have owned and didnt have this issue with my old 900ZXI. Put a new battery in for Summer (OZ Summer so afew months back) and it ran fine, Towards the end of summer leaving the ski garaged for 4 weeks battery died. Got it replaced under warranty as I thought it was faulty, took the ski for two runs back in late APR tried to start it 6 weeks later and battery totally dead. The battery light flashed on the display even with a new battery in.
    First question how often do you nedd to start the ski to keep battery charged.
    Any help or advise from fellow members would be greately appreciated.

    Tony B

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    sounds like a draw on it ,maybe a stator issue.

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    Thanks pokechop2006.

    I will look into it further.

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    I have this same issue with my 02 Ultra and my 05 Ultra. I even had this same issue with my 03. I had all of them to the shop to look for a problem and nothing was ever found on any of them. I went throug a lot of batteries. Even if I had a trickle charger hooked up to them the would still kill the battery. I now have to disconnect both positive and negative cables when I am done riding hook up a trickle charger. I have been on the same batteries now for 3 years. My 01 Ultra and my 03 STXR are still on the original batteries. I have never had a issue with them.

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    sounds like it could be a voltage regulator possibly. have you pulled it off and checked it.

    what are the volts on the battery, when you get it back on the trailer?? is it fully charged?
    if not, seems like the stator / voltage regulator is not allowing it to come back to full charge.

    if it is fully charged when you get it back on the trailer, check the voltage periodically with a multimeter to see the drop in voltage. if so, you definitely have a drain or a short...may be a pain to diagnose where the drain is?? keep us up to date

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