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    seadoo 2004 rxp shutoff solenoid - oil sensors

    My rxp would idle fine but if you give it some gas, the oil sensor light comes on and it goes into limp mode. The dealer said the shutoff solenoid is sticking and needs to be replaced, and also the two oil sensors.

    I didn't know if I just have a bad oil sensors , or if something is actually causing them to go off. They tell me that the shutoff solenoid allows oil into the head, and so the sensors go off. if this is true, and the oil sensors are working properly, why would I need to replace them at this time.

    Does this sound right? What does the shutoff solenoid do? Is it easy to replace?
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    Hey Bruce, welcome to the forum.

    As i understand it, the shutoff solenoid will operate if the ski was upside down, say if you flipped it. This is to stop the oil draining out of the motor.

    There has been known issues with the oil pressure switches though. The most common one to fail is the one on the back of the engine block, below the air intake.

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    There is a TOPS valve (Tip Over Protection System) that kicks in if the ski gets tipped or goes past a certain angle, keeping oil in the engine crankcase, and there is an oil pressure regulator that keeps oil pressure from getting too high. There are two oil pressure sensors ... one in the front that is more of a backup if the TOPS fails, then the main oil sensor, on the block, under the throttle body (skinny, like a cigar/cigarette, with a round electrical plug). The OIL alarm that goes off as you accelerate past 5000 rpms is usually that rear oil pressure sensor ... and they often go bad. Get a NEW rear oil sensor, install that, warm up the ski 5 minutes at idle, then go full throttle ... hopefully the OIL alarm will go away. IF NOT, then on to plan B, checking oil pressure, etc.

    The way to test the 'oil shutoff switch' as they describe it (TOPS valve) is to take the seat off, put your head down by the front of the motor and put the key in ... you should hear a distinct click as the TOPS valve kicks in ... about 30 seconds after you pull the key out, it goes back down, and you can try again to make sure.

    MOST of the time just replacing the rear oil sensor ($30 part) will resolve the alarm. If it does not, you may actually have low oil pressure due to a previous ceramic washer failure, scarring your oil pumps. Best/cheapest thing is to replace the rear sensor and take it back out and try it.

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