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    Need help to fuel system on RXP with mods


    I dont know if I need to go with the 42lbs injectores or not...?

    My mods are:

    Free flow exhoust
    Worx intake grate
    3¨filter that goes to the front
    XS intercooler
    Stock SC, but I have just done a rebuilt
    Rotax Racing ECU
    Solas 14/19 impeller
    SS wear ring
    Adjustabej fuel pressure regulator
    HKS blow off valve
    ( I know I mabye have to upgrate my valve train but until then I will keep the RPM's low )
    I also ride the innovate LC-1 kit

    Do you think I need to go with the 42 lbs injectores or will I be abel to rise the fuel pressure enought to get the right ATF ?

    I was told that smaller injectores with high pressure works better that big injectores with a low pressure ? But I would likt to hear your opinions what to do ?

    And what ATF should I shoot for with WOT ?

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    wot u want from 11 to 12.0 is where u want to be so go ride and check your numbers low rpm 13.0 mid 12.5

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    If you are running the Rotax Racing ECU you need to run whichever injectors its mapped for. It will adjust automatically to give you the correct AFR. Do you know which map you are running?

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    Which Rotax ECU are you running. What does it say on the top on the label?

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