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    Newbie with Yammy issues!

    Hi there all

    I am new to the forum and new to PWC! Me and my housemate (he has a bit of experience) purchased a 2004/05 Yamaha GP1300r last week. Its a very nice ski in white black and gold.

    Unfortunately I am feeling a little deflated today. We took the ski out and have encountered problems. It started by sounding like it was misfiring and smoking a fair bit from the rear. We got it out on the water and found that it went well once you got it going but if you come off the throttle it will bog down and loose all revs and feels like you cannot do much with it (kind of like when cars go into a safe mode).

    We put new spark plugs in and still no luck. The fuel indicator is flashing and beeping empty but the tank is full. I dont know if there is any link with this.

    We have had a look in it and cannot see any obvious problems. There is a tube coming off the fuel tank that goes into a white capsule mounted under the roof of the ski and then a tube coming out the other side and leading to nothing.

    Any help really appreciated. Just wanted to get out on my ski!!! Although my housemates friend had his XP so at leats I got a couple of runs out!

    Many thanks


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    The 05 1300's are fuel injected, so that's a whole ballgame I"m not familliar with.

    The fuel level indicator is controlled by a float in the gas tank. It's not uncommon for these "sending units" to become corroded and give you false signals. Just make sure the tank is indeed full.

    As for your fuel line, it comes out of the tank, and into the fuel selector valve (If you have one). From that point it comes out and into a water/sediment seperator (the white capsule thing) and then to your fuel rail on your throttle bodies. It may be a good idea to pull the seperator out and flush some good fuel through it to see what kind of flow your getting.

    Have you ran a compression check on it? A fuel pressure check may not be a bad idea either, and if you can find someone with a reader, the ECU could tell you that something else may be wrong.

    EDIT: on second thought, you may be talking about the fuel tank vent line. On my ski, there is a capsule underneath the steering wheel, and another inside the nose of the ski under the bucket.

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    Moon, how about your location? If you are new to PWCs, it might be best to hook up with a good mechanic in your area while you learn the ins and outs of them.

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    Hi there. Thanks for the replies. I'm in Scarborough in the Uk. We are going to take it to a mechanics. Just trying to get an idea whether it will be a big bill or a simple fix. We may have been done by the people we bought it from although they seemed genuine

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    i agree with smitty..good luck with the ski

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    HI there

    Just to update you it was fuel contaminated with water. Was flushed out and ran a treat except faulty fuel gauge. Took fuel pump out and found flat had come off. Cant believe they only sell them as part of a whyole new pump for about £800. Crazy. GOt a second hand from ebay and swapped them over. Its running a treat...for now

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    I'm still a little embarassed at how long it took for me to figure out I had water in the tank on my SXi Pro last summer. Now I try to run it dry and use some Isopropyl alcohol in it almost every fill up

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    Thumbs up

    Glad it was an easy/ cheap fix tho

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