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    Cool 1998 slxh starting issues please read!!

    Just bought this ski from my buddy. Its been sitting for a few years.


    - My carbs are not getting gas. If i place gas in the CARBS the ski starts right up.

    - it was showing little signs of starting with choke and throttle floored.
    But otherwise nothing!

    - i checked the water separator and gas was flowing into it but not very constant. is there a way to check the fuel pump???

    -Rebuilding carbs? Is it a big job? or is it worth putting new ones in?

    my ski has 62 hours on its rebuilt motor and is in great shape.
    i know nothing of its past history.

    thanks guys

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    welcome to the hulk..

    i have two of your motor and i was going threw the same thing.. take the bowl off the seperator and check to make sure its on the rright way.. mine was upside down and was not letting alot of gas.. but it still would start.

    you should start by changing the fuel lines out..the ones in the ski go bad and clog, you can take the carbs off and clean them..and make sure everything is all good..

    also make sure the fuel on/off valve is working the way it should-these go bad some times

    since your ski has been sitting a long time you need to go threw everything.. check all hoses for example .. i just had a cooling line blow off on me and it filled the ski with water.. you dont want that to happen.

    have you also checked compression and spark?

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