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    01 Virage no start problem

    I have an 01 Virage that I have been working on since last fall (off and on). I have been trying to find the cause of a no spark problem. I have used the info that I found on here to test the components and they seem to be workking correctly. A couple days ago I stumbled on another problem that I wanted to ask about. My starter solenoid seems to be bad I have just been shorting the solenoid to diagnose the no spark problem. It is the original black solenoid. As I got back into working on this ski I came across a post talking about them being prone to problems. I guess my question is would a bad solenoid cause the lr module to not know it is starting and not allow the plugs to fire or should it fire anyways by shorting the solenoid.

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    A bad solenoid in itself would not affect power to the CDI module, but power for the entire electrical box uses the thin red wire connection, which is supposed to be on the same solenoid stud as the heavy red cable from the battery positive.

    What diagnostics have you done inside the electrical box?

    Is there power to the Red/Purple terminals?

    Are the Black wire ground terminals actually grounded to the engine?

    If you hold the bilge button down, does the bilge pump run?

    If you hold the bilge button down and crank the engine, does it start?

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    My 2001 Polaris Genesis had a bad 1/4 amp fuse blown. It is located in a black box strapped to the inside wall of the engine compartment. Your ski might have the same box and same problem. Does the ski starter turn the engine over? Does the the trim button work?

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