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    1200XL LTD Annoying Problem

    I am having an ongoing problem with a 1200XL I am repairing, It will run fine then all of a sudden the RPM will drop to 6k. (Even though the Rev counter shows approx 7k, the speed maxs out at approx 80Km, would have expected it to be around 100km on the dream meter. The only way to get it to run at max RPM again is let it come to idle and then floor it again.
    Original problem was it was bogging badly from idle.
    It no longer bogs after carb rebuild but has developed this problem. After rebuilding the carbs I noticed the Power valves were not cycling so I replaced the PV motor with one from a GP800. Valves now work but this new problem exists.

    So far the following have been done.

    Rebuilt carbs, leak tested them and checked pop-off
    New crank seals and leak tested engine
    Removed flap in tank
    Bypassed the fuel selector
    Checked all pulse lines.
    Check tank check valve
    New fuel filter
    Pressureised fuel tank and lines
    Checked operation of the power valves with 3 covers off. All pins etc where they should be.
    All help and suggestions appreciated

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    Today I noticed a lot of slack on the PV cables. I readjusted the PV's and got rid of the slack to service manual spec. Took ski for a run again this evenin and revs did not drop. 7K all the time. My thinkin is there was so much slack in the cables that aloowed the PVs to close slightly with the bangin on rough water, or am I way off here.

    Now the water was flat calm so I tried to use my wake to act as rough sea. Revs did not drop once but this thing still only runs 80km on the dream meter. I cavitates out of the hole, I think i might have a pump problem here also, as I am getting max rpm but ski is slow.

    Anyone have any other ideas.

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    Finally 99% of the way there. Power valve cables were the cause of the revs dropping. Cables way too slack.

    Low top end speed was caused by cavitation and impeller/wear ring clearance. I fitted a solas prop and it now runs up to 95km, need to order new wear ring.
    I now notice i have approx 2 seconds of hesitation when I floor the throttle. I will then take of like a scalded cat. Max rpm on aftermarket tacho is 7050rpm.
    Spark plug chop looks perfect.

    The low end hesitation was being masked by the cavitation problem.
    What may be causing this hesitiation.

    Almost there with this SOB

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