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    96 SL700 Shuts Off

    my 96 sl700 cranks and runs great on the trailer, but when I place it in water it runs about 5 minutes and shuts off. It becomes hard to crank if at all sometimes not all.
    I have read the bulletin pwc-00-05, I have the origional cdi, should I do the wire modification or install the update kit.

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    I have the same ski and I installed the update kit and it made worlds of difference runs like a new machine and not really all that hard to install.
    I did it with the engine still in the hull although I did remove the gas tank.
    I would also go thru the fuel system, new hose, filters rebuild the carbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joel1 View Post
    ...It becomes hard to crank if at all sometimes not all...
    Is it overheating?

    The engine should be OK to put your hand on without burning yourself. It should feel very warm (143F), but not burning hot.

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    Engine never got hot! This ski is spotless inside. Did you replace the stator as well without removing engine. Who has the best price on the update kit.

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