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    Gelcoat Repair....... HELP Please

    Long story short, dont let your friends drive your ski on the trailer. We put my girlfriends ski on the trailer first and then I let my buddy drive mine up. He hit one of the bunks on the trailer and this kicked the ski out directly into the side of my girlfriends ski. As you can see in the pics he chipped a piece of gelcoat off.

    I need some help from guys that have some experience in this. The fiberglass appears to be fine but I think I need to add just a little bit of filler before the gelcoat. What type of filler do I use? After I add the filler is it ok to wet sand the area to make it smooth before adding the gelcoat. I plan on ordering the gelcoat from so it will be color matched.

    Please tell me what filler to use and any special techniques that would help me out. I have no experience wet sanding either so any tips here would be appreciated (what grit to use?). Here is what I plan to do:

    1. Add filler to damaged area. What type do I need???
    2. Let filler sit then wet sand area to get it all even and smooth. What grit sandpaper???
    3. Add gelcoat to damaged area
    4. Wet sand and buff area. What grit sandpaper??

    Like I said I have zero experience doing this so the more tips the better.

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    Gelcoat repair.


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    they sell gelcoat repair kits west marine etc.with color mixing and all. I've done black mix it up put on, dry sand buff no big thing.

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    I usually just melt a crayon & grate it, torch, done. Lemon pledge. I can chip mine
    just towing it down to the lake!

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