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    Cam shaft sensor

    I got a P0344 Cam shaft sensor code after putting my motor back in my ski. I checked the service action stuff here are my findings....

    CPS check for 190 -290 ohms between A-5 and A-19 of ecm connector--- I got 930 Kohms
    CAPS check 12 volts on connector pin 3 ----I got 12.6 Volts
    Check continuity for circuits A-20, A-34 and terminal 4 on engine connector ----I got 3.4 kohms, .4 ohms and .453 ohms respectivly.

    Guess my question is what does all of this mean? Do I need a new sensor or is something else wrong. Thanks for the input guys.

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    All a bit ambiguous to me.

    Is the Cam sensor plugged back into its original connector?

    Any changes to wiring looms?

    Any changes to engine year?

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    what year is it? my '08 threw that code,and cam sensor came dislodged,dealer had to pull the motor(At least thats what they told me!)....good luck.

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    Its an 07 I unplugged the sensor when I took the motor out. I pulled the sensor off when I was checking the timing. Put sensor back on just as it came off and pluged it back into the same plug.

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    Maybe the sensor is not seated correctly, or has something under where it sits.

    The gap they need between sensor and trigger has to be pretty close.... or.. You may have something stuck on it at the tip, as in something ferrous.

    Check you havent mixed 2 connectors up in there. This can happen.

    The Crank sensor has similar connections, and can be crossed. 07 has same sensor top and bottom, but the ECM will throw error as you spin it over.

    Just sounds like a "Re-look" at the connectors will fix this one.

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    So I bought a new sensor and just installed it. Unfortunatly got the same code. Looking at things more the ohms for the CPS are 930 Kohms when they are supposed to be between 190-290! This has to have something to do with it I just dont know what. Double checked the timing chain and its good. Any more thoughts?

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    Sorry that was supposed to be .930 kohms or 930 ohms.

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    I got the same code when I put one of my motors back in that code is for crank and cam sensor I ended having my tooth gear that the crank position sensor reads not aligned right took it off lined it up and fired right up

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    How was it not aligned right? I thought that it could only go one way with the nub on it?

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    i had a similar issue with the crank position sensor..

    resistance checked out ok whilst ski was sitting on the trailer.. all weird things happening when i was out riding.... with the engine dying and not able to start

    i had a "nearly" broken wire in the loom.. near cylinder number 3 where the harness is in the shape of a U..

    when i took the loom apart. it seems where it had been cable tied, it had worn through the sheath of the cable...

    new cables in with a lot of marine grade heat shrink.. and no problems...

    make sure you are measuring the right pins for resistance....

    my ski is a 07 RXT... hope this helps...

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