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    Wastegate adjustment

    Hi, guys:

    I have to admit that thiis problem seems a little simplistic, but since I spent hours and hours last year fixing it, I want to be very careful.

    2004 MSX 150 Runs great. New rear drive assembly. Recently tuned. Saltwater. Wastegate was seized, but repaired last year. no problems since.

    The bolt that hold that holds the turbo end of the wastegate's banjo fitting to the wastegate lever came loose and fell off. I assume it fell down under the engine, but I got tired of looking for it with an extension magnet, so I bought a new one. It worked (a month or so) fine until (here comes the idiotic part) I took off the entire banjo fitting to repaint it. Against the newly painted engine and inside of the hull, it looked like @#$%.

    I am having problem putting it back on. Or maybe I should say I'm having problems getting it (turbo/wastegate) to work again. I didn't remove the actuator or its arm, just everything from the spanner lock-nut down. All together, it was the nuts above and below the spanner, the spanner itself. and the threaded loop that connects to the wastegate arm.

    My problem is that I cannot get the arm adjusted correctly. Or it might be something else, I don't know.

    Are there any bits of wisdome anyonew has regarding this. I understand the mechanics, but it seems like it's not being pulled back by the actuator arm. With throttle, the arm used to move freely ( and, of course, with out the connection, the wastegate arm is completely free (went that route last year and fixed it). I have tried several settings, even found a picture or two as comparison, but I just can't get the actuator to open the wastegate very far, probably a quarter of what it had been doing. I have adjusted the fitting from one extreme to the other in incriments, but nothing seems to make any difference.

    Any ideas?

    Oh, just to give a better picture, all tests were done in the water with norrmal load. There are no other problems with the ski. I had a minor fuel leak that was trickling fuel inot the hull, but that has been fixed (just a loose fitting).

    I hope someone will say that I am clearly doing something wrong and here's how you fix it.

    Don't you wish things were that simple?

    Even a setup suggestion to start with would be helpful.
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    Desperado had a post on the adjusments/measurements of the actuator arm a while back, try a serch on his posts.


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    You are right about the past post on how to adjust the wastegate. He responded to a question I had asked about wastegate adjustment. I went back and looked at it. It worked when I was just adjusting it for maximum boost. My problem is that (redfaced) I took off the loop at the wastegate arm end, its locking nut, the long spanner nut and its locking nut, leaving nothing on the threaded diaphram rod. It looked like such a simple thing to put the parts back on. But now it seemes like no matter where/how I put the parts back on the the diaphram rod, the arm moves very little, if at all. The turbo is fine. If I push on the wastegate arm as I'm going down the the river, you can hear the normal turbo sound, and the ski takes off like a rocket.

    At first I was just asking for the placement of the stuff I had taken off to repaint. But I'm starting to get worried about the diaphram and the solenoid. What's strange, is that when I took the parts off to paint, the wastegate was working perfectly. I was routinely hitting 60 plus mph.

    Can the diaphram and solenoid be tested? Manual gives no clue. A picture of the whole wastegate arm system would be very helpful. I don't know if you have a camera and can post pictures, but perhaps someone else does.


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    Hi FLN,

    Just to recap on the operation of this. The spring in the actuator holds the waste gate valve closed. This is its normal resting position - motor switched off or running at low boost levels. During operation when the ECU decides that the boost level is sufficient for the RPM/load it will stat to pulse the solenoid valve (the one on the tappet cover. This is 12v and can be tested by applying voltage and blowing /sucking) As this solenoid pulses it allows the boost pressure to overcome the spring pressure and lift the valve of its seat thereby reducing boost. The diaphragm can be tested by applying up to 20 psi but it will start to move at a few psi, use a bike pump.
    This is a simple explanation. Desperado is much better at explaining these things, but it should give you enough of an idea to solve the dilemma.

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    wastegate worries still


    Thanks for the input about the wastegate. Here's what's still happening.

    I set the linkage to match the way Desperado told me in that past post. Checked the diaphram by blowing pressure through it with a compressor beginning at 5lbs. The post begins to move at 6lbs. Putting 12 volts to the wastegate solenoid triggers the solenoid.

    Now, with all that said, here is what happens (all this is in the water, by the way):
    Starts fine, runs like a beauty. Upon aceleration I can hear the turbo make its normal wheeze while it spins up and pressurizes and the wastegate arm begins to move. But there's not much boost to speak of. I had the seat off this time. I noticed that the arm wasn't being pulled back by the actuator spring very much when I decelerate, and I reached down, grabbed linkage and gave it a tug. IT was like apollo eleven blasting off. Without the [ull on the linkage, I get to around 5200rpms, maybe 30-32 mph, and that's it. No warning lights. No warning indicators. Nothing out of the ordinary that I can see.

    I have simpy GOT to be doing something wrong. Can anybody out there see what it is?

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    Could the wastegate solenoid be leaking through and opening the wastegate too soon? Did you pressurize the line from turbo compressor to solenoid to see if it holds back pressure when no voltage is applied?

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    Wastegate Adjustment

    Nope, I didn't check that. I'm going to do so as soon as our nightly evening thunderstorrms pass. I'll let you know.

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